About The Breed

Much has been written by others in far greater detail than can be accomodated here. A number of books are readily available, though many are of American origin.

Generally accepted as having been developed around the turn of last century by mating the Setters of visiting English aristocracy with local French spaniels. The “home” of this breed lies in Callac, Brittany.

A most versitile breed of dog, a member of the HPR (Hunt, Point,Retrieve) Sub-division of the Gundog group it is, without any doubt, a hunting machine. Nothing gives this dog more pleasure than doing what comes naturally. An ideal rough shooters companion, its ability to point means it can work at distance from the gun. Though not a large dog it has strength to work all day and retrieve game and even hare. Becoming more popular in Field Trials and working events the Brittany is really proving itself amongst other HPR breeds. A very intelligent dog, willing to learn and eager to please, a number of them can be found in obedience competitions and with their speed and manoeuvrability have shown natural affinity to Agility classes.

Achieving full Kennel Club status in 1997 the first Challenge Certificates in the show ring were awarded at Crufts that year. As the French saying goes ” Un maximum de qualities dans un volume minimum ” –
” Maximum qualities in a minimum size “.